Code of Ethics

Maintain basic human rights.

To preserve the dignity of the client and to respect them of beliefs, wishes, supports, and lifestyle choices.

To uphold a client’s wishes and desires to the best of the Doula’s ability. To be a continual support for the client in all environments

Mandated reporter.

To protect the client from any mistreatment and report any suspicions to the Doula’s local aging agencies. Use best of abilities to provide quality of care.

Use best of abilities to provide quality of care.

To use the knowledge from trainings and certifications to provide the best quality of care to the client. Continue to educate self with new and changing trainings

Continue to educate self with new and changing trainings.

To continue to seek out further training and education so that the Doula can continue to develop and grow into a more pronounce professional. Seek trainings that are accredited and within the approval of the PDN.

Subside own beliefs for the good of the client.

To never push own beliefs or thoughts onto a client. To remain with a neutral mindset when supporting the client.

Unbiased care and support.

To remain non-judgmental and open to new and different belief systems. To recognize own struggles and ask for assistance from other Doulas and supervisors.

Compassion towards all nationalities, beliefs, and lifestyles.

To increase cultural awareness so that the Doula can be diverse and educated.

Maintain professional standards.

No inappropriate relationships with clients.

Confidentiality and respect of all client information.

Appropriate documentation and records of client.

By becoming an End of Life Doula, we agree to do our best to follow the Code of Ethics listed above.  We will continue to strive to be the best support for our clients, as well as, utilizing our resources and knowledge for the good of others.

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